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Setting out

I’m trying to find the arrival and departure terminal info for a flight. The flight in this example is on 10 Oct 2019.

I’ve used :


to get the basic schedule and it returns

{“AirlineFlightSchedulesResult”:{“next_offset”:-1,“data”:[{“ident”:“WZZ8002”,“actual_ident”:"",“departuretime”:1570690200,“arrivaltime”:1570699800,“origin”:“EGGW”,“destination”:“EYVI”,“aircrafttype”:“A321”,“meal_service”:“Economy: No meal”,“seats_cabin_first”:0,“seats_cabin_business”:0,“seats_cabin_coach”:230}]}}

But when I ask for the AirlineFlightInfo :


I get :

{“error”:“NO_DATA flight not found”}

FlightInfoEx returns the same message. I don’t think I can work out the faFlightID from the schedule info (though that would be nice). Please could someone give me an idea where I’m going wrong?


10 Oct is still too far in the future, so no flight tracking information will be available for it yet.

Many thanks for your speedy response. If I try another flight which is due to take off tomorrow at 6am (less than 10 hours time) :

{“ident”:“SWR345”,“actual_ident”:"",“departuretime”:1570597200,“arrivaltime”:1570603200,“origin”:“EGLL”,“destination”:“LSZH”,“aircrafttype”:“A321”,“meal_service”:“Business: Meal / Economy: Snack or brunch”,“seats_cabin_first”:0,“seats_cabin_business”:1,“seats_cabin_coach”:218}

I get a result but no still terminal info :


I’m trying to coordinate passenger drop off / collection services and some of the terminals at Heathrow are significant distances apart. Is there any way to get the terminal info?

I’ve also tried a past flight to see if I can get gate information :

{“ident”:“EZY2091”,“actual_ident”:"",“departuretime”:1570551600,“arrivaltime”:1570560600,“origin”:“EGGW”,“destination”:“LEIB”,“aircrafttype”:“A320”,“meal_service”:“Economy: No meal”,“seats_cabin_first”:0,“seats_cabin_business”:0,“seats_cabin_coach”:186}

But this query yields a different flight :


Result is :


Maybe these airports/airlines are not filing this information?

Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

The availability and amount of advanced time of information such as terminal and gate will vary depending on the airline and sometimes the airport.

The furthest in advance that you should expect to get a faFlightID assigned by us is generally 24-48 hours, but for some airlines with poor coverage it may not occur until the flight actually departs. You may still not get terminal/gate information in some cases.

In general, the coverage will be better with larger airlines that operate international flights, particularly ones that operate in the United States. Discount airlines frequently save costs by not participating in the data partnerships that allow flight information to be published by us. We are always working to improve our data coverage by establishing more partnerships with airlines, so expect things to change over time.

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