FlightInfo by Date (not Datetime) and flight ident



first of all nice api :wink:

But Im missing something.

I want to have the data of a specific flight.

We just have the Flightident (exp: UA75 or UAL75) and the date (exp: 01.06.2015) when the flight departured.
Now we need the estimated departure, estimated arrival and actual departure and actual arrival epoch time and also the origin and destination.

Is there also a chance to get a attribute like “hasDelayed” - true / false?

What API funcs, I need to call?

Thanks for help in advance


The intended workflow is to call FlightInfoEx with the ident you are interested in, and then display to the user the dates/times/airports of the flights available. The user will pick which of those flights is the intended one, and then you can display the details of that specific flight (which you have already received).

You can determine if a flight was delayed by compared the actualdeparturetime with the filed_departuretime. Additionally, the actualarrivaltime can be compared with the (filed_departuretime + filed_ete).


Hi thanks for your solution but the problem is, what happens if the user add a flight date few months ago?
I just will recieve the last 15 flights or I will set the max but then the cost will be more.

I decided to use the AirlineFlightSchedules function.
Can you add there another attribute like estimate and actual departure and arrival time? The the moment the departure and arrival time are the scheduled time.
Is there a function to ask the API how many guests are on the flight excluded pilots and stuff?

Also I found a little bug in the api doc.

The AirlineFlightSchedule Function has 4 optional inputs but without the inputs I cant call the API. I need to set the attribute but has to leave it without value. Is that wanted from your side?

EDIT: Would be also great to get the faFlightIdent when I call the AirlineFlightSchedules…


FlightXML does not support tracking of flight status more than 2 weeks old.

AirlineFlightSchedules only provides scheduled time information that airlines have published weeks prior to the flight, not actual or estimated times. The optional arguments to that function can be left blank to indicate that all matching flights for that attribute should be returned. Depending on which API or interface library you are using, your programming environment may require you to explicitly supply a blank or null value for those arguments, rather than omitting it, however that is a client-side limitation not something we can control from the server-side.


Okay thanks and what about to return the faFlightIdent, so I can make a call to flightinfoex to get all required information about estimated and actual time? Can you add this to the API?


You can just call FlightInfoEx with “ident@departuretime” and in many cases it can find the flight that you are specifying. (ident should be using the ICAO airline code, and departuretime should be in epoch UTC seconds.)


Hi bovineone,

This is what I get when I call the FlightInfoEx Function:

error “flight not found”

I called it with the departure time of AirlineFlightSchedules function.

I tested it with UAL75 Date: 2015-06-01 00:00:00 +2

I recieved with the AirlineFlightSchedules function the following answer:

ident: "UAL75"
actual_ident: ""
departuretime: 1433142000
arrivaltime: 1433173800
origin: "EDDH"
destination: "KEWR"
aircrafttype: "B752"
meal_service: "Business: Mittagessen / Economy: Mittagessen"
seats_cabin_first: 0
seats_cabin_business: 16
seats_cabin_coach: 153

with the departure time I called the FlightInfoEx function:

And then I get the answer which you see above.
What is wrong?

Please help


That flight is older than 2 weeks, so is not available to you via FlightXML.


But from where comes these datas? They are older then 2 weeks, is it possible to get access to these datas?



Our website does not have the same limitations as FlightXML. The API is designed specifically for recent flight activity.