Need help with FlightXML API

Hello, I would like to fetch some data about flight (for example AIC102) from the api.

I need the following information (please look the screenshot)

But when I try to receive information using method FlightInfoEx (parameters are ident=AIC102, howMany=1,offset=0 ), I see strange time (the problem is not in timezone, because minutes are wrong too).

Could anybody explain me how to fetch such information from response?
Thank you

Do not use howMany=1. You will very frequently get a different flight than the one you were hoping for. You need to ask for howMany>1 and walk through the results to find the specific one you think you want (howMany of 1-15 are the same price, so there is no price benefit anyways).

The filed arrival time comes from (filed_departuretime + filed_ete).

The estimated arrival time is the estimatedarrivaltime field. Once it has arrived, you can use actualarrivaltime. If you want to know the originally scheduled time, you can use AirlineFlightSchedules to look it up by date and ident.

The duration is filed_ete field, but once it has arrived you can use (actualarrivaltime - actualdeparturetime) to get the precise duration.

Thanks a lot!
It works now :smiley: