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Get Information on the page

I am new to flightaware API and want to display information same like this page


where flight activities are displayed in list .

currently I am using FlightInfoEx to retrive information but information does not match with what is displayed on the page and FlightInfoEx function. I will be grateful if somebody help me on this.

also Can somebody guide how Status of Flight is Retrieved on the page ? like “Status Arrived over 6 hours ago”?

Can you be more specific about what does not match? However, keep in mind that our website pages do not internally use FlightXML; although most of the information is, in some cases our webpages make use of data that is not available through FlightXML.

if actualdeparturetime is non-zero, then the flight has departed (and is not still on the ground).

if actualarrivaltime is non-zero, then the flight has arrived (and is not still in the air).

To compute the relative time to the arrival (“arrived over 6 hours ago”) just subtract the current time from the actualarrivaltime and use your own display logic to display it in a human-friendly format by rounding the amount to the nearest minute/hour/day/week/etc.