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implementing a simple flight info web service

Hi, we are new to FlightAware and consider implementing through your API a simple web service to inform the general public about the STATUS of flight ARRIVALS and DEPARTURES of scheduled airline flights at several airports in our area.

Can you point us at the relevant sections of your API documentation, outlining how arrival/departure lists with “delay calculation” (e.g. delays <15min, 15-45 min, >45 min) and “cancelled” status information for all flights arriving at or departing from a given airport for certain time periods (e.g. arriving/departing between 3 and 6 hrs from “now”) can be retrieved?


You can use the “Enroute” function to retrieve a list of all flights that are currently inbound for a specific airport. You can then call FlightInfoEx on each flight and see how the estimatedarrivaltime compares to the (fileddeparturetime + filed_ete) to see how late its arrival will be. If a flight is cancelled, its actualarrivaltime will be -1.

flightaware.com/commercial/flig … op_Enroute
flightaware.com/commercial/flig … ightInfoEx