FlightInfoEx question re delays and cancellations

I’m using FlightInfoEx to get the status of the current commercial airline flight status.

  1. How do I figure out flight delays. e.g. scheduled departure time is 3:00 - but it’s been delayed till 4:00.

The XML result only contains scheduled departure and actual departure.

  1. How do I figure out a cancelled flight?

  2. What does the divert field hold - when a flight is diverted. How do I figure out the new expected arrival
    time - not the scheduled arrival time. This applies to #1 also.

FlightXML2 does not currently expose estimated departure time, which is what I suspect you would like to see. A future version of our API is planned to do this, however.

For now, you can compute an approximated estimated departure time by computing the result of: (estimated_arrivaltime - filed_ete).

When a flight is cancelled, the actualarrivaltime and actualdeparturetime will be -1

When a flight is diverted, the new ETA may be available through the estimatedarrivaltime, but that is subject to being incorrect since many things occurring during a diversion are unusual and atypical so ATC infrequently does not properly update all aspects of the flight plan.

Thanks for the reply.

What does the diverted field contain in case of a divert - diverted airport id etc.

Also can you answer my other question re out/in times.

Looking at the changelogs for the API - I see last change was in 2013. Is that correct?

I’m just wondering what are the chances of some improvements to the API relatively soon.

I replied in the other thread.

FlightXML3 is expected to be available in 2016, so expect new improvements then.