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Get Estimated Departure Time

How can I get an estimated departure time for a delayed flight. I am getting the estimated arrival time, and the scheduled departure time from FlightInfoEx, but how can I get length of delay and the new estimated departure time?

It is not currently available through FlightXML, though you can estimate it by computing the (estimatedarrivaltime - filed_ete), however that is just an approximation and will not necessarily be entirely accurate.

Any possibility of adding this (flight_estimateddeparturetime) in the near future? For flight alerts, we get that the “Departure Time” has been changed, but it is only being described in the description and not any field.

Flight aware api is giving results only for some days like its 15 nov 2014.This api will give results till 17 nov 2014 only.What if i want more future results.As i am using api in my app and user can choose any date.

Please help for this.