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Which API call tells you flight delays?

I am looking for the correct API call to determine flight delays. FlightInfoEx seems close, but I’m not sure if the fields are quite what I am looking for. There is “filed_departuretime”, which sounds like the non-delayed departure time. There is also “actualdeparturetime”, but that sounds like it is only available after the plan has already taken off. What I want to know is whether a flight is delayed before take off (and, of course, as soon as the delay has been filed by the airline).

We also require this information so a response would be appreciated.


FlightXML does not provide pre-departure delay information.

After departure, you may compute how far the actualdeparturetime was behind the filed_departuretime. After departure and while enroute, you may use the estimatedarrivaltime to compute how far behind the “filed_departuretime + filed_ete” the anticipated arrival will be. After arrival, you may compute how far the actualarrivaltime was behind the “filed_departuretime + filed_ete”.