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Departure delay

Hello there

Our customer are intersted to view delayed information of flight when it is not departured. We are using AeroAPI(FlightXML), How can we calculate departure delay of the flight?

These may help you. Frequently Asked Questions - Flight Status API / Flight Tracking API / FlightAware API - Commercial Services - FlightAware

If you are looking for delays for a current flight that has not taken off, then you would just compare the filed_departuretime against current time.

Hello @cbw

Our customer calculates delay like given below:

If flight has scheduled at 3:00PM and If its departure will be late than given time, Its considered as late. How can we tell them that a flight is delay based on your answer?

Above link do not reveal departure-delay information when flight is not departured. Here is API’s result of flightInfoEx:

"originCity":"Sydney, NSW",
"destinationName":"Los Angeles Intl",
"destinationCity":"Los Angeles, CA"

Our customer’s interst is to know departure-delay. If i am using wrong API, You can suggest me correct API

Thank you