Determine delay for flight

Hi All,

I’m new to FlightXML but am really liking using it. We are working on a simple website that shows flight delays and FlightXML2 seems like a really good fit. I have an API call going to FlightInfoEx, which is great.

My question is using the data returned (e.g. below), how can I determine if the flight (that hasn’t departed yet) has been delayed, rescheduled or any other changes that affect its departure time, and also how long the delay is for (preferably in minutes).

Thanks very much for your help.

You may want to use FlightInfoStatus in FlightXML Version 3.0. It is currently in beta, but for a given flight/flight id, it will provide filed departure/arrival, estimated departure/arrival as well as departure and arrival delays in seconds.

You can pick up a free FlightXML Version 3.0 key at the following link.

A free account exists, and will get you 500 queries per month.