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Please advice how to get started with the API


I have obtained the API key and looking forward to use the API in C#.
Still looking as how to get started with the implementation.

I have added a web reference to “http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/Search” in my project.
Now, from here how to get started?
If I say, I have to call for retrieving flight information with a specific flight number, how should I request and then retrieve the response?


Do not add a web reference, since that method does not work. You should run the “wsdl.exe” utility to generate the interface classes, as described under the C# example on flightaware.com/commercial/fligh … ation2.rvt

To retrieve details about a specific flight number, you will want to use the FlightInfoEx function.

Working for me… Thanks a tonnn :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Also, I am looking to retrieve the flight’s schedule through the API.

I need the flight schedule status as - Scheduled(On time), Cancelled, Early or delayed.

I have read on this forum, that we need to use filed_ete and file_departuretime to calculate the flight schedule.
Understood that this will work for the arrival status.

But in case of departing flight, will it give me an accurate status of the departure?

Not sure whether it is safe to assume that - flights arriving early must also be departing early and the ones that are arriving late , might have departed late too.

Please confirm.

filed_ete + filed_departuretime will give you the filed_arrivaltime. (“filed” means the same as “scheduled” for most purposes, since flight plans are generally filed prior to the delay being known.)

The estimatedarrivaltime will be the time that is estimated to actually arrive, which is what will reflect a delayed or early flight.

Arriving early or late does not necessarily mean that you departed early or late. Airspeed or weather diversions or holding patterns can make the arrival disagree with the departure.