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How do I get the flight status?

Hey everyone,
We’re using two request to get the data we need. In addition, we register each flight to an alert.
Not in any request we made, nor in the documentation, there’s the flight status mentioned (Landed, Departed, etc…)
Maybe I didn’t find it in the documentation, I don’t know

The only place we could see something similar is when we receive alerts, and even there its in the "event type"
which is not something very useful since this is what we display to our users (Arrived, departed) but what happens when you
receive an event for “filed” ???
We really need a reliable status to display our users, how can we receive it? we need it to display “scheduled”, “delayed” and more…


If you’re asking about what the possible values of the eventcode in the posted alert can be, they are:

eventcode – Indicates the type of event that has triggered this notification. May have one of the following values: (required)
filed – details about an upcoming flight have been received (generally 1-2 hours before departure)
departure – flight has departed from the origin (runway wheels-up or gate block-off)
arrival – flight has arrived at destination (runway wheels-down or gate block-on)
cancelled – flight has been cancelled prior to departure.
minutes_out – flight is several minutes (usually 30-45 minutes) from its destination.
diverted – flight has been diverted to another airport. To retrieve the new flight details, call FlightInfoEx to access the new flight by faFlightID or ident.
change – some aspect of the flight plan has been modified, such as a departure time delay or a gate change.

Let’s say I have a flight that already took off and I want the information about this flight.
Why when I find this flight I don’t have the status for this flight?

What method are you calling to find the flight?

We’re using AirlineFlightInfo and FlightInfo requests

So FlightXML2 doesn’t expose a status field. We’re adding that in FlightXML3 functions, but you can derive some of the status from the actualdeparturetime, estimatedarrivaltime, actualarrivaltime and diverted. If the actualdeparturetime is 0 then the flight has not yet departed. If the actualdeparturetime is > 0 and actualarrivaltime is 0 and diverted is “” then the flight is enroute. If diverted is not “” then the flight diverted. If the actualarrivaltime is > 0 then the flight has arrived. You can determine approx. minutes out by comparing the estimatedarrivaltime to now.

Thank you so much for the info.
By the way, how can I sign up for the FlightXML 3 beta?


The beta will be open to anyone so you can sign up for it when we roll it out.

How if the Flight is Canceled?

For FlightXML2, the FlightInfoEx function will return -1 in the actualdeparturetime field for cancelled flights.

Please see this FAQ answer for more details about the special field meanings: flightaware.com/commercial/flightxml/faq.rvt#findstatus