SetAlert channels e_changed?

According to the docs AeroAPI (formerly FlightXML) 2 Explorer
channels parameters could be “{16 e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled}”

But if you go here and see sample push json

  • eventcode – Indicates the type of event that has triggered this notification. May have one of the following values: (required)
    • filed – details about an upcoming flight have been received (generally 1-2 hours before departure)
    • departure – flight has departed from the origin (runway wheels-up or gate block-off)
    • arrival – flight has arrived at destination (runway wheels-down or gate block-on)
    • cancelled – flight has been cancelled prior to departure.
    • minutes_out – flight is several minutes (usually 30-45 minutes) from its destination.
    • diverted – flight has been diverted to another airport. To retrieve the new flight details, call FlightInfoEx to access the new flight by faFlightID or ident.
    • change – some aspect of the flight plan has been modified, such as a departure time delay or a gate change.

Does it mean, that I will always receive change eventcode if flight details has been changed without subscribing to it?

In general, “change” events are sent when one of the values on the other events that you’ve requested is impacted.

For example if you have only requested “departure” events, then you will receive “change” events when the departure times or departure gates have been changed.