SetAlert questions


Hello, I am looking to integrate my Web App with FlightAware and I find that the PUSHED Notifications might become very useful.

I read in other posts that the e_departure and e_arrival channels are not only for alerts when the flight has arrived or departed but also when a delay happens. I also read that if I subscribe to e_filed I can get notified if a pre-departure delay is notified. What does that mean exactly? If a delay is notified by the airline with a large time in advance?

My main question is that I see in the documentation that the request requires an ident to be sent and it states: ident or faFlightID of flight.

The only data I have at that point is the flight number and dates. Can I send that info or do I need to use other API endpoints first to retrieve the correct data?

Thanks in advance for the help!



The e_filed event is used to to send an alert when a flightplan is created or updated before actual departure time occurs. In cases where severe weather is anticipated updated filings could represent delays based on routes updated to avoid the weather pattern.

A faFlightID can be found for a given flight up to 48 hours in advance of departure by using the GetFlightID endpoint. This accepts the ident (like UAL100) and departure time to return the unique faFlightID. The faFlightID will always refer back to that unique flight any time it is used as an input in FlightXML.


Hi there, thanks for the reply!

All is clearer now! I have only one more question. When you refer to ident like UAL100, that would be the flight number? In the documentation I read “requested tail number”.

Thanks in advance!



Tail numbers and flightnumbers/idents (using ICAO carrier codes ) work. Looks like that’s an older reference we need to update.

Right now using the parameters ident=UAL100 and departureTime=1533338100 would return "GetFlightIDResult": "UAL100-1533165300-schedule-0000".


Thanks for the reply @dogrock! I think I have almost everything I need now.

I see in the documentation that when an alert is posted to my registered endpoint one field is called “eventcode”. Do you have a list of possible codes so I can code my business logic accordingly?




Eventcode normally matches up to the list provided in channels from the SetAlert. The following codes can be expected:

filed, departure, arrival, diverted, cancelled