Description of alert statuses(eventcode)


Please, can you give more detailed description for eventcode tag?

eventcode – Indicates the type of event that has triggered this notification. May have one of the following values: (required)
filed – details about an upcoming flight have been received (generally 1-2 hours before departure)
departure – flight has departed from the origin (runway wheels-up or gate block-off)
arrival – flight has arrived at destination (runway wheels-down or gate block-on)
cancelled – flight has been cancelled prior to departure.
minutes_out – flight is several minutes (usually 30-45 minutes) from its destination.
diverted – flight has been diverted to another airport. To retrieve the new flight details, call FlightInfoEx to access the new flight by faFlightID or ident.
change – some aspect of the flight plan has been modified, such as a departure time delay or a gate change.

Which of status is for delay?


“change” is what you are looking for


And when I register alert by SetAlert and specify channels. Which of them I need for delay(change) status?

In documentation there is only: e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled. Which status will be good for delay info?


You would need to request at least “e_filed e_departure e_arrival” since those will include the flight times and any changes to those times. The resulting event types you would receive are “filed”, “departed”, “arrived”, and “change”.


Thank you very much


Hello, @bovineone!

Please, can you tell me, when I receive alert with eventcode change and in flight list what actuaaly time I need for delay. In other words, filed_departuretime is new scheduled time for flight(inclusive delay)?


You will want to look at the estimatedarrivaltime for an enroute flight (compared to the original arrival time, which can be computed from “filed_departuretime + filed_ete”) to determine the amount of the delay.


Thank you very much, @bovineone!

And another one question please. All this times and dates in UTC timezone, right?


As I understand, delays can be for an enroute flight for arrival and for near flight for departure, right?

And if so, I’ve must calculate for departure like in your example above for arrival.


In FlightInfoEx can I calculate delay for near flights?


Hey, @bovineone!
I think, i need your advice. My task is about flight delays. As I understand, for this I can use FlightInfoEx or Alerts. They both gives delay info for apper and enroute flights? And please, remind me, how its calculate in FlightInfoEx?