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"e_change" Alert Type


In the documentation it is said : “Supported event types are: e_filed e_departure e_arrival e_diverted e_cancelled”.

The event “change” is not listed. What event are we receiving when the gate changes, the departure is late, etc…
Is it a “filed” event ?



“change” events are sent for e_departure and e_arrival alerts when the change involves that side of the flight.

“minutes_out” events are also sent for e_arrival alerts.

Ok thanks, I understand it clearer now.

So e_departure does not mean the flight really departed, it means that something changed in the data of the flight regarding the time/gate/terminal of the flight departure.

What are the information in the alert data that will let me know it is a gate change or departure time change instead of the actual departure of the aircraft ?



When reading again your answer and mine, I realize that I perhaps understood it wrong.

My second interpretation is :

when subscribing to e_departure alerts, I may receive two events :

  • departure (for the real departure of the aircraft)
  • change (for all changes regarding the departure of the aircraft)

when subscribing to e_arrival alerts, I may receive two events :

  • arrival (for the real arrival of the aircraft)
  • change (for all changes regarding the arrival of the aircraft)

Is this understanding better ?

Yes, correct. The “e_xxxx” codes do not reflect the only event types that you will receive. Additional event types could theoretically be added to those “e_xxxx” codes in the future.

Ok !
Many thanks