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"change" eventcode alert


I am trying to develop functionality for notifying users about flight delays. In other topics, I’ve read that arrival/departure time changes notifications should be received through e_departure and e_arrival channels with the “change” eventcode.
My app is currently is registered for e_departure, e_arrival and e_cancelled channels using SetAlert, but looking through my logs I’ve realized that I have never received a “change” eventcode. There were a lot of delays for my users’ flights though, a lot of them longer than an hour.
Should I also register for e_filled event, or what might be the problem here?

Thank you!

Overall, I would like to know to which channels should the SetAlert be registered to so the app can receive alerts about delays.

Requesting the e_filed channel should result in the change events. The delay information in this configuration will primarily be departure side delays.

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