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FlightXLM2 API - advice about requests

Hi, I am completely new user of API and I would like to ask if it is possible to request an actual flight info just by flight number and date of departure?

For example AI922 25-4-2019

Thank you.
Martina H.

If the ident is only operated once day then the ident can be provided to an endpoint like FlightInfoEx to get a range of potential results. The epoch time value from filed_departuretime can be converted to human date and matched against the desired date. The faFlightID from the matched flight can be used as a permanent unique ID for that day’s flight if the flight information needs to be retrieved again.

Another method would be to use AirlineFlightSchedules endpoint to search for the airline and flight number over a single day. The ident@departuretime from the matching schedule result can be used in endpoints like FlightInfoEx to retrieve that exact flight.

Hi Dogrock,

Thanks for your advice. We tried it, but it does not return information we need.

Is there any way to get this info from API?

  • schedule time, estimate time, actual time
  • gates, terminal
  • (IATA coddes), plane type
  • status of the flight

as you can nicely see here: https://flightaware.com/live/flight/AEA57/history/20190510/2155Z/LEMD/SBGR

That’s what we actually expected from FlightXLM2 API. Thank you!

If sticking to FlightXML 2, this information is contained on different endpoints:

This information is all combined under a single endpoint in FlightXML3 as FlightInfoStatus, as well as human friendly status messages. However, gate and terminal information requires at least a Silver subscription and the include_ex_data = 1 parameter to be included in the request.

In both cases all information is presented in ICAO code formats. Converting to IATA would need to be handled by your application.