Queries on Flight Tracking and Flight Status API

Dear support,

I am Colin from mtel. As we are going to use Flight Tracking and Flight Status API, wanna to clarify below items:

  1. The returned results of api Arrived/Departed/Enroute contain ident, Except identify a flight by ident, is it possible to identify a flight by other combination(e.g. aircrafttype+ estimatedarrivaltime) ?

  2. Could please provide the sample of ‘ident’? CPA543 is an example of ident? if so, there will be more than one flight with the same ident(different schedule date)

  3. the returned results of Enroute API will include Flights that en-route for more than 24 hours?

  4. Could please provide the returned results examples of api Arrived/Departed/Enroute for our reference?(If possible, please provide the sample of Flights with multi stop, such as CX 888)

This exact same question was asked and answered a few days ago.