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FlightInfoEx api return no data

when I use FlightInfoEx to search flight Mu2882 of 2020-2-10,i can’t get any data.This flight has been cancelled,But I should be able to get some information from FlightInfoEx? Thank you.

Could you please let us know what query paramaters you are using? At this time the cancelled instance of MU2882 appears as the third result in FlightInfoEx with the request parameter ident=MU2882 and has the faFlightID of CES2882-1581313533-airline-0177.

I can’t get faFlightID with the data from AirlineFlightSchedules,this is my input,
[startDate] => 1581264000
[endDate] => 1581350400
[origin] =>
[destination] =>
[airline] => MU
[flightno] => 2882
[howMany] => 15
[offset] => 0
all ident:AFR5259,QFA4005,CES2882,KLM8778,DAL6540,BAW2310

I use each ident to get faflightid but false,could you tell me how can you get the faflightId and what‘s
wrong of my query.Thank you.

No flight id was generated for the schedule entry MU2822 on 2020-02-10 15:05z due to the way the cancellation occurred. This is a case where the schedule represented an intended flight that didn’t actually occur.

Could you tell me how do you get the faFlightID of CES2882-1581313533-airline-0177 in your reply above?

It was found by submitting the following request, at the original time of posting it was the 4th result.


FlightInfoEx can return flight results for an ident up to 48 hours ahead of scheduled departure and up to two weeks after after arrival.

I tried the request you supplied.The flight with the faFlightID of CES2882-1581313533-airline-0177 ,this one is what i want.But you told me no flight id was generated for this flight 5d before.Now I want to know
how could I get this one data not all data from FlightInfoEx.Thank you.