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Not getting all Flights Information from AirlineFLightSchedule



We are not getting all Flights Information from AirlineFLightSchedule and FlightInfoEx API Methods. FlightID ‘KLM 9658’ has the flight at 08-MAY-2019 in Flight Aware Tracking. But for ‘KLM 9658’ flight we have not get data for ‘08-MAY-2019’ date. Only for few dates we have got information for this flight. Can you help us understand how to resolve this?
Steps Followed :
First we have called SetMaximumResultSize.
Next we have called AirlineFLightSchedule.
Inputs given to AirlineFLightSchedule :
startDate – 07May2019 in timestamp format (1557270000)
EndDate – 27May2019 in timestamp format (1558998000)
Destination – PHOG



It looks like a May 8 result is present for KLM9685. Performing the example search returns a scheduled departure time of May 08 01:30:00 GMT for KLM9685 with with an actual_ident WJA1852 within the 15 results.

Since WJA1852 is the actual carrier FlightInfoEx will return it via the automatic codeshare search if KLM9685 is used as the ident input.



Issue 1: We are using AirlineFlightSchedule for referencing Schedules within our Application for a month. Here we are not getting for all the Dates. Can you please help with this. - NOT RESOLVED. NEED HELP

Issue 2: FlightInfoEx - resolved - http://flightxml.flightaware.com/json/FlightXML2/FlightInfoEx with ident AS KLM9658@1557279000 works.