Aircraft flight type - more shown on map than in listing


I decided in the last day or so to check out what the fleet of Airbus 380’s were up to, so I did a search on the aircraft type A388 (the only one that I seemed to find for the A380).

I see there are more flights plotted on the map than in the listing of airborne A388 below the map. The KLAX related flights seem to be the ones most prominently missing from the list of flights while showing up in the map above. As I type this, there are two flights from KLAX - one to Sydney and one to Melbourne that are shown on the map but not in the listing below the map.

I don’t think there are any A380 types other than “A388” at the current time so I don’t know why the map would show more current A388 flights than the list area.


Right now I see 16 on the list but 19 on the map. The 3 difference have probably been assumed to arrive but we haven’t timed out their final estimated position (since it’s outside our coverage area) yet. I’ll see if we can remove them from the map as soon as we assume they arrive.


Noticing that I haven’t seen any A388 flights to KLAX in my checks over the last couple of days since I started looking, I went to the Qantas website and looked in the schedule to find out when the A388 would be making a flight from Sydney to KLAX (QF 11, arriving in LAX just before 10am Pacific). I checked the A388 active aircraft list/map during the middle of the Sydney to KLAX flight and found and it wasn’t listed on the map or in the flight list below the map. The flight wasn’t even listed in the departures for the Sydney airport when I looked at just Sydney airport traffic.

I still have a suspicion that most KLAX-related A388 flights don’t show up in the flight log listing below the map.