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Any A380s in the air today?

Could be the first day that the A380 is absent from the air. Plenty for B747’s hauling freight, but none of the Airbus

Pretty low traffic, you’re correct

Currently there’s one from Quantas which is currently in preparation as flight VHOQB operating from LAX

I haven’t ‘seen’ any in the UK with my setup since 30th March.

Seems you might have missed this one today from LHR.


Yeah, my reception doesn’t get 'planes that far out but I normally ‘see’ at least a dozen passing through every day.

Just now I looked for airborne A380s in North America. Zero.

Interestingly, B-6136 is sometimes masquerading as a B77W

On Wednesday 15 April it appears to have flown back from LHR disguised as a Boeing 777.


Misidentification of an aircraft type seems to happens quite a lot. Not just on here.
Does anyone know why?

Usually bad data from upstream sources.

A380 last flights over S/W Germany.

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Yeah, I suspected as much so I guess the question really should have been why is it sometimes correct and sometimes incorrect?

As I said I see a lot of this on other servers so it isn’t a criticism of FA.

It depends a lot on what data sources we see for a particular flight - we’re typically combining schedule information which may only be updated monthly, flightplans from ANSPs, datalink data from the aircraft itself, and registry information; some of those may not be present depending on the type of flight, the airspace involved, the operating carrier, the exact aircraft in use, whether or not the flight is on time, etc.

Impossible to know where the errors are creeping in then, I guess.

Amount of A380s across mid germany received by my station in the last 48 hours: Zero

Amount of Antonov A225 Mryia received in the last 48 hours: One

B6139 is flying between Guangzhou and Los Angeles.


Can the A380 be converted to carry cargo like the B747?

There was an A380F variant announced but unfortunately the program was cancelled.


They can remove the seats for sure as they do in other aircraft. However they would need two loading hatches and i assume also the technical ground equipment for lifting the goods up to second floor are not available.

Overall i would assume too challenging.