Very cool Boeing 747 flyby - Video . . .


Aerosur B747-300 arrival @ Santa Cruz Boliva 6-8-08.


Longer version from YouTube.






What a monster. Hard to believe they can get all that metal in the air.

I wonder when we’ll see an A380 in a similar flyby?


New Brighton

For other flybys, enter the keywords A380 and flyby in the search box at youtube.


cool flyby. possibly the worst camera work.



Note the highlighted word in my original post Dave.

When they get the A380 low enough to knock Bob Hoover’s hat off, that will be a similar flyby.



Note **my **highlighted words.

Try looking again:
Airbus A380 Super Jumbo low fly past at Broughton
A380 low fly past Airbus Chester 26/03/2007
Airbus A380 Low approach & go-around Manchester Airport

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BTDT Pika, had you used your search feature properly, you would have seen that “Lighten up, Francis” had already been used in reference to poster Damiross. :wink: … 5760#55760


Those are better Francis, still not as low as the original 747 post, but I greatly appreciate you taking the time to post those links, I hadn’t seen them before.

As to what to call you, I’ve been referring to you as Dave since at least June of 2006 and this is the first time I can recall you stating a preference Marvin.


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as viewed many times, the tragic results of a low pass. :cry: :angry:


Wrong answer friend. This crash isn’t the result of a low pass, rather it is the result of a pilot who repeatedly ignored limitations and procedures. Unfortunately he took others along with him when he finally killed himself.