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[ CNN video clip ]](Video News - CNN)of A380 flyby of Hong Kong.

RC A380 photos and Video.

Now that is extremely cool…I especially like this PIC…note the realism with the heat/exhaust signatures from the scale jet engines…Looking at the other pics, that is some fantastic detail and workmanship…and I’m sure some big $

Understatement of the year!

M16 (Raymond MS) has a model airplane show that includes “jets”. Some observations.

  1. If it wasn’t for the size, you would swear a FULL size jet was taking off
  2. I was there for a “test flight” by a “test pilot” who apparently is paid good money to do test flights on these things. I’d swear the guy had bionic eyes, he could tell if the plane was pulling right or left based on his input.
  3. The plane he was flying used Jet A fuel that would run 15 minutes per tank. Top speed was 250 mph on the plane he was flying.
    4 The plane he was flying was almost the cost of a C152 and the wing span was only “4 feet”.
  4. Even at the tune of 15K, the model is not insurable, so these folks do fly for the love of flight as it sure would be one costly mistake to buy the farm. I can’t imagine the cost of one the size of the A380 as the jet I was watching only had two engines.


Only a matter of time until they are used as weapons and regulated by gov’t. … anuar.html

Curious if anyone here has flown the A380 (as a pax) and could give some impression of the experience.


NSFW may be opposite of what I think of the audio.

The audio sucks. Not my kind of music.

And regardless of what the video flies across the screen, the 747 is a much more beautiful looking airliner than the A380.



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Ah! NSFW=Not Safe For Work

Correct, sorry for not translating, I assumed anyone on a message board or Forum would immediately recognize the acronym.

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I’m really out of it when it comes to current singers I had to look this one up. I thought it might be the name of a singer but wasn’t sure.

If they insisted on music for the A380 video then they should have picked BB King or another blues player.