The Ultimate Outside A380 Experience


Nice video, and feel free to post as many as you wish. However, there is a thread for member videos, here.


Speaking of Qantas’ A380: I finally saw it in person when I flew into LAX last week. It was my first time seeing any A380 in person. I’d always though the aircraft looked funny in pictures. Evidently it just doesn’t photograph well because it looked pretty good in person.

You will have to run lieberma off. :smiley:


Nah, as I told Frank I am not trying to compete with anybody. Everybody has a different spin and emphasis on videos, so I hope mcpcshowcaseHD continues to post his video accomplishments.

I think mcpcshowcaseHD puts one up everyday rather then me doing it once a week on the average. He does have some awesome videos as I watch them via the subs in my You Tube account.

redlegsfan21 just put a plane spotting one up out of ATL that I thought was nicely done. Maybe he hasn’t thought to post to the video thread?