if anyone has videos that they want people to see this is the thread feel free to post what ever ones you want whether if there your favorite aircraft or airlines. :smiley:


Me taking my buddy for a spin.


I have a link to a funny one, but I need to make sure it’s safe to post. It has some colorful language in it. Only two words IIRC.


The spitfire low pass perhaps?


No, I’ll PM you the link. It’s a trainer (Military) giving this Asian trainee mouth for having the heat way too high. The Asian has a very poor command of the English language, so it’s very funny.


Okay, here’s the vid I mentioned. It’s rated R by the way, but honestly, it’s nothing really.


Haha, that was hilarious, thanks for the link.


:laughing: :laughing: Oh my God, my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Thanks, Orlaam. :laughing: :laughing:


Figure we have a picture thread going, why not ressurrect this thread to see if there are any more inflight videos since this was posted by Nitro. … gwithMusic Multiple landings to the song Radar Love … swithMusic to the songs of Danger Zone and Sailing … achintoMBO an approach in IMC to my home airport down to minimums … ingfromMBO ILS approach into Jackson MS down to 1000 foot ceilings … fromMBOavi my best landing (Hattiesburg MS) … inutevideo 17 minute 58 second video from start up of my Sundowner, to taxi to take off to a touch and go at my own airport.



The first two suck! While background music is good for some videos, an aviation video should have the sounds of flight in it.

Love the look of the prop in these videos, especially the way it appears to rotate one direction then the other.


Why? Not everybody wants to hear the drone of the engine for 6 minutes. The music gives a nice diversion for the boring sound of the engine. I don’t have a patch cord to to record the ATC and my transmissions or I would have included that in the videos.

Also, merging videos, the different sounds would sound horrible for transitional purposes. Volume level is too jerky between videos and thrying to find that sweet spot of the right volume without the listener having to jack up or down the volume knob of their speaker would be rather difficult. So, why not mute out the sounds of the engine and use the song as a nice soothing transition for quality purposes.

Second video does have the sound of the engine overlayed with the song of danger zone. You even hear me say “Here we go” in the first few seconds.

Different strokes for different folks I guess…



“Them’s what can, do. Them’s what can’t, criticize.”

Nice vids Allen, thanks for posting them.

James the Elder


As Allen pointed out, "Different strokes for different folks I guess… " I happen to enjoy the the sounds of aviation more than the music. The music is okay as long as it is strictly background. In other words, my OPINION is that the music should be able to be just heard.


Click here to watch Southwest-jet-landing-at-RDU

Click here to watch Cessna-152-Spin


Got error “Could not find media, Removed?”

Extreme crosswind ALMOST landing

A 744 crosswind landing

A beautiful shot of an A320 landing in fog


Yes, but messages can be left in an envelope at the front door, or tied to a brick and thrown through a window!

“When I look into your eyes, time stands still.”

“You have a face that would stop a clock!”

Both of the above sentences convey the same message, but which would you utter while in a clench with your GF?


I’ll take line #3



Couldn’t play either video (Cessna spin or SWA landing).

Must be the website and Vista incompatibility as I can play vids from other sites???

Tried in Opera, Netscape and MSIE to no avail.

Was able to play Needlenose’s sites and that landing in fog was awesome!



Putfile sucks.

Here ya go:
King Air C90 takeoff into 1/4mile vis

Southwest jet landing at RDU

Skydivers landing at OXB

Cessna 152 Spin

Those are all mine, but one can spend hours at the Alexis Park Inn collection of videos


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film above