Funny aviation video

I usually don’t post these but this is pretty funny…

That is so gross & I feel so sorry for that girl. My ground school instructor took up two young men one time & I was supposed to go with them & decided not to - one of them really got sick - glad I made the decision I did.

BUT - I also had a friend of mine (woman/mentor) take another friend of mine from church (young man married that wanted to be a pilot) flying & we flew quite a bit in a low wing - he started getting nauesous (she let him have the yoke a few times & it wasn’t turbulent) - we landed at an airport to post some flyers & he wanted to wait a while before we started home but ended up puking his lunch/guts up in a big plastic bag from wal-mart - I felt really sorry for him too & the smell was horrendous in a four seater. I was glad to get out of the smell for sure - only time I have been around anyone that puked on a plane but in this video I may have puked too doing what the pilot was doing to them… (bullshit for sure!!! :frowning: )

I found nothing funny about it, either. And the person who thought it was so funny he watched it at least 15 times is just plain sick (no pun intended).

Well - birds of a feather flock/puke together… :laughing:

flygirljc whispers to damiross (please forgive me while i heave:blush: )

That’s just not cool… :angry: That bad experience and embarassment will last that poor girl’s lifetime…especially now that it’s been broadcast all over the internet.

You know aza - you are absolutely right - throwing up/puking/vomiting are very traumatic for me - hardly ever do it & when I do - I shake/tremble & cry - I have gone more than 20 years without puking - it is something I just don’t like to do & some people do it so easily but I’m not one of them.

Yes, that could be a very very traumatic experience for her & she may never fly again.

I also had a friend that liked to take people (girls, guys & his teenage son) up in a Aero Commander & do the weightless thing - he did it once with me sitting right seat (I was strapped in) & I was not to nice to him & never got back in an aircraft with the man again. I went with him & another guy he was checking out in the Commander to Addison & back & we dropped the other man in Norman/OUN & he did that to me on the way back to PWA/Wiley Post. I got out of the aircraft & his son & some other girls got in the aircraft & they went back up & did the weightless thing. I don’t mess around in an aircraft & play with it like a toy - I’m more the safety pilot for sure - aircraft are not something you play with like a toy - even if you are an aerobatic pilot you know what you are doing or you will die. :cry:

Here is my take for what it’s worth.

Someone getting sick on a plane is not funny nor it’s kewl, nor did I find anything amusing about it or the video…

While I would post a video of my nieces and nephews enjoying floating sensation, I would never post something that makes them sick or embarrass them.

With this caveat behind me, self declaring myself king of pushovers with my nephew, niece and anybody else that would like to feel the brief moment of a roller coaster ride, I can see someone getting sick without warning.

I truly hope that pilot did not intend to get that person sick, as that would never be my intent, but things do happen and happen quite quickly especially in aerobatics whether it be a pushover, steep turns or something simple as a stall.

I take pride in my pilotship in making sure the passengers are at the utmost comfort possible, and don’t do any abrupt manuevers without them knowing I am doing it. First time passengers, I don’t even do standard rate turns, I keep my turns shallow until I get to the practice area and build them up to a standard 30 degree bank. What we pilots take for granted can and is major drama for a newbie.

One doesn’t know their limits until they are exposed to it. Fortunately in my case, I have not had a person get sick on any of my flights.

So, in a nutshell, I don’t see it being the fault of the pilot, unless he (or she) knew this would be the result of the manuevers. If that pilot knew the girl would get sick, shame on them.

I do see it the fault of the person posting the video, as like everybody else that has posted so far other then the original poster, I did not find it amusing to watch someone in distress.

The problem is with the person posting the video, not the fact a girl got sick because of manuevers.


I’m with ya Allen. I object the most to the posting of the video on the internet!

As for the two hot shots up front…shame on them and they should have their arses handed to them…I’ve performed zero/negative G maneuvers plenty of times. You have to be aware of a persons tolerance levels. You never, ever… ever… continue a nonstandard maneuver when someone aboard is experiencing discomfort. These two idiots took on the responibility of the welfare of those two girls. It’s obvious that the poor “puker” was already in distress…she had the bag up to her face from the first second of the clip. There’s no doubt in my mind that she was uncomfortable before that. And neither one of the Dumbarses up front were paying attention to her or gave a… pathetic…

Okay I’m done now… :wink:

I’m with you aza - that was very mean & cruel for 2 people to do (how do you know they were men - they could have been women doing that - we don’t see them). Aza - I think you left it gender generic/GG…

Yes, she was in distress/puking before they ever went weightless & then to video her while puking is such assholish behavior for anyone.

Do we on FA continue to promulgate this video embarrassment for a girl that may never fly again because of such a horrendous experience - how can we have this link removed & have mercy on this girl’s dignity as a helpless pax with some real assholes up front… :cry:

why the hell would u put a video like that on here…no one wants to watch that…its digusting

Not that you’ll want to watch it again…but they’re definately guys up front…

I know the routine… :wink: I used to take girls up all of the time when I was young…Hmmm, I guess I still do… girl, singular that is…

It was, and still is a great way to pick up chicas :open_mouth:

Wow Jan. You better hit confession this weekend. Never thought I would hear such language! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m definitely not offended, I just never expected that from you.

:blush: Ok confession time.

I have 7500 hours (give or take a few). I spent EVERY hour working on my private getting sick. EVERY HOUR of dual. Only got sick once flying solo.

The first time I flew as a passenger in a corporate jet, it was during someone else’s flight training. We were doing V1 cuts (in the plane), stalls, steep turns, and multiple approaches. I was seating in back getting tossed side-to-side, it didn’t take long and I was pucking my guts out. It’s such a overwhelming fear/sensation that I end up physc-ing myself into getting sick nearly every time I fly as a passenger in the back of a corp jet, I get sick just smelling the new leather spray smell. Add to that as a FSI instructor I have to observe flights like this 1 time every year; yup, you guessed it I’ve made a name for myself, now they show up with extra bags for me. The last guy gift wrapped one for me! And believe me people when I get sick it’s not pretty. I pour buckets of sweat and turn pale white/gray and end up not eating for at least 24 hours. It’s bad.

The good news is that in my professional career I’ve never gotten sick flying up front.

So my heart goes out to people who get motion sickness.

I don’t do confession but I do repent to my heavenly Father/God & can’t I call a spade a spade… :smiley:

Even Jesus called people names: Brood of Vipers - White Washed Tombs - I think that was curse words to them/Pharisees of the time - anyway you get my point.

Maybe they should be called worse but I didn’t go there - I restrained myself some (just a little that is)… :unamused:

flygirljc whispers to mkio (I’m so thankful for God’s grace in these matters of holy anger - aren’t you??? )

Wow. I didn’t mean to offend anybody. I guess I just have a warped sense of humor.

No. You have a SICK sense of humor :smiling_imp:

Just out of curiosity, how old are you, apjpe? This may be funny to someone who is still a teenager but to a mature adult, it’s not.

I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. I’ll never post anything else again.

Post again - just think about what you are posting first.

I was not offended by seeing the video of the girl getting sick. I’m like Apjpe in that sometimes something will strike me as funny. It might really just be my mood at the moment or the time of day. I used to watch David Letterman at lunch the day following his show. It was never as funny as at midnight.

I was (as has already been stated) bothered by the pilot’s decision. Reminds me of the dog hitting it’s head. I like to share aviation to inspire others.

You guys should see the video nephigam sent to me the other day! It gave me dry heaves.