Holly crap!!!

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WOW- that made me cringe.

Looks like they had a 696 and a panel mounted GPS. but regardless. KNOW HOW HIGH THE TERRAIN IS!

GEEZ! Now that is close - within 6 inches or so from disaster! L-39 - that’s not you is it Rook? :open_mouth:
Man, I’d still be shaking…

Had I been a pax on that plane there would have been one fatal… The fricking pilot!

That is something! Too close for me!

Idiots with too much money and not enough common sense.

The pilot would have been eating by Dinosaurs in caveman days, Its just too bad he almost got his friends to be dinner!

That must be what it looks like just be for CFIT. I always wondered if a pilot would see terrain and trees in the second or two before impact. My question has been answered.

The disturbing part is they’re laughing about it on the ground. I don’t think I’d be able to laugh for a long time after an experience like that.

What a collection of idiots. Not to generalize, but we all saw the type of airplane they were flying. Also, if your going to go into IMC illegally in that situation, why wouldn’t you just CLIMB through the clouds anyway.

Does the FAA count it as a fatal accident if you hold the pilots head next to the prop while one of the other pax fires up the engine?

I wouldnt have been posting this online, i dont know or care who was the pilot or photographer, but its definatly not something to be proud of, and its not likely that the feds would go after em for this but this is just evidence for his/her next accident…

…can you say “pilot error?”

I think the video was posted by one of his former friends. You know, like when your girlfriend dumps you and you post nude pictures of her on the internet.

Scary incident, I sure wouldn’t have posted either, it wouldn’t be too hard to ID the Albatross and just ask him whose Bonanza - plus you have him on film.


I saw that tail number given by someone on YouTube. Is that where you got it from, Phantom? I can’t tell where you or etoler got it. I only saw a partial in the video – during the wing inspection at the end. We should be careful we’ve got the facts right.


I noticed the partial reg and weird “swoosh” in the paint behind the N-number in the video… and it matches the photo here on our site. :wink:

I don’t have any personal insight for this story but I’d like to see this guy get what’s coming to him. Apparently the left-seater was the only certified pilot in the plane and the FAA has begun an investigation.

Edit: And after looking at the photo above again it appears the “pilot” retracted the gear at about 6" AGL. Quite the Hot Dog Flyer I guess… :unamused:

Not the brightest decision, “positive rates, gear up…POP POP POP BAM…crap!!!”

I say investigate away on this guy. seen Top Gun too many times.

Not the brightest decision, “positive rates, gear up…POP POP POP BAM…crap!!!”

I say investigate away on this guy. seen Top Gun too many times.

i remember bob king saying you can retract the gear when you have positive rate of climb there is not enough runway left to make a safe landing. i doubt the runway ends in 800 feet (or how ever long it takes a bonanza to land with full power and positive rate of climb), but if it does he is justified to retract at this point.