Dumb or smart CFI?

Video speaks for itself…


There was a time when I thought I was hot stuff when, as a tow pilot in a Piper Super Cub out east, I would shut down my engine on downwind and land deadstick. Never gave a second thought to the fact that it wasn’t my airplane and the insurance company would not have been too happy if I came up a little short one time and clipped the trees at the end of the grass strip. Turns out the only person I was impressing was myself. I got away with it several times and today, as an experienced instructor, I cringe everytime I think what a dumbass I was - just like this guy. Doubt Sully from US Air would be too impressed either.


3 times I have had to land “dead stick” and I also slowed down to stop the prop. all three times were new eng break-ins and I lost oil PSI. but no I wouldn’t have EVER done that just for fun. you have no out if something goes wrong. plus it looks as if he was in a simi populated area. Poor judgment AND piss poor judgment for posting it on the web where the FAA can cross check his ISP and bust his ass

I don’t think the FAA has jurisdiction on this one.

A C150? I’m not impressed. An Airbus A320? Now I’m impressed.

I don’t think in the POH it covers doing that, so if its not in the POH it not a approved to do ‘i e test pilot’ stuff so I think the big FAA guy could spank ya good unless you have ‘Declared’ or have a Emergency. looks very 91.13 to me! Remember paper is what makes the airplane fly if you don’t have the paperwork you cant do it.we all know it might ok but you cant do it.like taking off from PHX on a 121 F day if your charts only go to 120, you are not legal to do it.Cool but Dumb.

Ahh hell, what’s the big deal?.. In a pinch just push the mixture in and hit the starter. :unamused:

That doesnt look to smart. What if something went wrong ?

Just wait until my friends at the FAA hear about this one. :laughing:

“This item has been removed by the uploader!”

Video removed, I assume its this one here?


Just hope U.S. “we charge for water” Airways doesn’t see this!

Incredible. Yes, it’s the same video.

Upload something dumb in two places. He got reamed in comments on liveleak before he took it down.

YouTube reads “This video is private” … he must have wised up.

Deadstick video, don’t know if this is the same video,

- YouTube)

Those are some pretty cool Vids but I have to ask… why, why put yourself at that much risk?

Adrenalin Jason. Same reason people jump out of perfectly good aircraft, or BASE jump, or bungee, or race sports cars, etc., etc.

It’s a good thing he found that rock on foot, and not on mains!

Deadstick video, don’t know if this is the same video,

- YouTube)

In that second vid, his gear is really taking a beating - especially the tail gear. What happens when you shear that tailwheel off when it clips a rock/root/hole or something on the top of that mountain?[/quote]