Very Kool overhead approach in a SR-22 video . . .

YouTube Video as I’ve watched this video oh about 10 times over the last couple of months, I figure someone else might enjoy it also.

Any comments are appreciated . . .

Nicely executed approach I thought. Loved the glass. 8)

Insight into how the best equipped GA plane seems to crash so often.

“Let’s see. I’ve got 75 hours. A $300,000 airplane. And I just saw an F-16 do something cool!”

You may be on to something here, Wazz…

He reminds me of Iron Eagle with that fancy music while he flies.

I’ll bet he tells chicks he’s a pilot

:laughing: :laughing:

As long as he does this at a controlled airport let him play fighter pilot. It’s when the flight of RV’s is doing this at a busy uncontrolled airport that I want to scream.

HAHAHA! Well, He won’t be lying…

I’m the negative nelly in this one, but I really don’t like the idea of the music or in my case what would be the hockey channel playing in the background. I understand the comm breaks in when in use, but I’d imagine in many scenarios it would be a bit of a distraction. (especially the crap he was playing, good god, horrible! :smiley: ) My situation would have this unfortunate outcome… “The Blues traded who!? What, why, hey look , the capitol is right down there”.

The manuever itself, It serves its purpose for F-16s, but I’ve had the old Archer in a tail wind and clipping along relatively close to that but have never lost any time bleeding off excess speed and entering the pattern. Like Frank said it was at a controlled airport so at least it’s all coordinated, but to act like the F-16s (which is the only practical use I can see in a Cirrus, or any single piston forat matter unless you are in a formation of aircraft ) you’re dealing with high bank angles and low airspeeds.

Wazzu I think is right as well, I think the Cirrus product is a well engineered aircraft, but like the Bonanzas of the last generation, sometimes it’s more than low experience pilots can chew when adding all the ammenities and grossing it out and what not.
Side note, if ever in Duluth MN, take the factory tour! It might as well be a bakery with all the ovens!

Good, slippery, fast airplane. low time, low experience pilots. bad combo.

And that left break was sloppy, uncoordinated.

My thoughts exactly. … 5400#25400

NOTE TO SELF: Never post a video of yourself simulating a Carrier Break in the pattern with a Beech Skipper. You will be scrutinized, decimated, characterized and spit out by Magnificent Men and thier Flying Machines.

Good movie btw. :wink:

If I have to tell you how cool I am- I’m not that cool. Hence- good idea not posting a vid.

:laughing: :laughing:

Funny, funny, funny. :laughing:

That’s your standard USAF overhead pattern… minus the music, commentary, and glass.

In the T-38, we fly 300kts with a level break to downwind. I’ve seen as many as 12 T-37s flying in one pattern…

Unless you’re brand new in the White Rocket, in which case you just “rumble, beep beep” your way around the pattern hoping you don’t fall out of the sky or go supersonic!

Typically that flight of RVs has briefed their approach and know what they are doing, and that is the best and safest way to recover a flight of aircraft to any airport.