a new kind of birdstike (r/c aircraft strikes manned a/c)


I’ve always been aware of the hawks and even little sandpipers I encounter at my quaint little KIJX, but eh…
an RC aircraft?
I would imagine a Doug Masters vs Knotcher (see Iron Eagle I) type postfight arguement after this one…

RC / manned aircraft midair


This is why model aircraft should never be allowed on or near an actual airport. The FAA will actually cut off funding to any airport that allows its facility to be used by model aircraft.


I’d have to respectfully disagree as this is what NOTAMS are for. :wink:

discussions.flightaware.com/view … 8391#78391

Something failed, whether it be the airport manager not putting up the NOTAM or the pilot not getting his NOTAMS.


In the video it looks as if an airport official is trying to get the RC-pilot to fly his plane out of the way but there wasn’t enough time. It could have been poor planning on the airport’s side or the other way around.

What was the extent of the damage of the plane that hit the RC-plane?


Believe me, I know what NOTAMs are for, as that is my job. However R/C aircraft are viewed as an incompatible use, for the very reason shown in the clip. The FAA does not approve of closing the airport to real aircraft so toy aircraft can use the runway, and using the airport for R/C while still open is very dangerous, as R/C aircraft are not using the CTAF and are much harder to spot.

It should be noted I am an R/C pilot as well, and always operate from a strip intended for that purpose. Some of the AMA rules even state not to operate within 3 miles of an actual airport without ensuring you will not conflict with the real airport and aircraft.


So, how did the NOTAM in the thread I linked get approved if the FAA doesn’t approve of airspace closure like M16 jet model show caused (and caused the Baron to be denied an instrument approach?)


A one time show, like an airshow, can get approval, but for models to be flown on a regular basis is to what I am referring.


Wasn’t the airport in question involved in an airshow or at least a fly-in during the incident?

Either way, it seems like it was a breakdown in communication no matter who was at fault.


Gotchya and that’s the distinction I missed in your original post. :wink:

Though as NW747 indicated, sure seemed like an organized RC show with all the models lined up / tents and equipment on the taxiway rather then just some modelers getting together to test out their wares.


Im not familar with the field, so the layout could be the key to my question, but I would think the RC guy would’ve seen the real a/c taxi out and line up on the RWY?


Based on information I read (Avweb? AOPA? or I thought it was on the live leak video?) that the plane was doing a low approach / pass over the runway, not a departure?


Anybody else note the twin blimps at around the two minute mark?



somedays I tell myself, Eric, you need to read to undserstand :blush: I totally missed that haha. With that though, I guess he could’ve made a straight in, but I wonder if he used the pattern to set up.

JHEM :open_mouth: :laughing:


I was re-watching the video and trying to look in the sky for what you mentioned. . .then I saw. . . :wink:


Sorry if I disturbed anyone’s lunch!


Sounded like the Bi-plane never announced the go around so they could have to told him to get the rc out of the way.


I would think with anything on aproach it would have been wise to keep the runway clear. Luckily no one was hurt or killed.


Could have been NORDO.

Radio’s are kinda useless in an open cockpit :wink:


And being an uncontrolled field, there is no requirement that an aircraft even have a radio in the first place. Which is my point on having R/C displays on the runway. The last time we even allowed R/C on our airport, during an event, we prepared a grass strip for them away from our paved runways, to eliminate any conflicts.


In hindsight a separate grass strip would have been a good idea and may have prevented the crash from happening. The event coordinators probably could have done a little better planning to reduce conflict points but if that biplane did the fly-by without letting people know, it was just a matter of time before something like this happened. But again, it goes back to the issue of NOTAMs and if the pilots flying into the area actually checked them.