Bird killer KTEB


Rumor has it N40PK hit and killed a blue hereion at KTEB around noon today. Happened on the take-off roll before V1.
Broken right stall vane. And one dead bird. 8)


I thought you guys were supposed to be saving lives?

And I guess you meant “heron” - or is it “heroin”?



Haha heron- my phone must har auto-corrected.



I know what is for dinner tonight!!


Gee. That’s a shame about the right stall vane.


Isn’t it illegal to kill Blue Herons?


It’s illegal to kill Canada Geese as well, but you don’t see anyone going after “Sulley”.


That’s the F’n gooses fault! :laughing:


I’m still waiting for someone to outdo ASA’s Salmon strike!



How long until PETA hears about this and wants to sue?


Freakin’ Teterboro. I’ve hit gooses on takeoff and landing there. Very messy.

Between the two of us, Jason and I are trying to make a serious dent in the bird population!


You’re fighting a losing battle!


They could do like I read in an article recently (can’t find it again, but will keep looking). Apparently an airport has been having problems with birds, and the “greenies” in the area want ATC to vector the airplanes around the birds, instead of allowing the airport to move or eliminate the bird population.

I just see it now, they will need to trap all the birds, equip them with Mode C.

“Traffic is 2 o’clock, 700 feet, Goose, maintain visual separation.”