In cabin video of stuck right main gear landing DAL4951 CRJ9


Guy on another site that I’m on (not aviation related) was on this flight and took this video @ JFK on Saturday night. He posted this pic and the story about it before it had hit any of the news networks.

Just posted the video a few minutes ago though.


That guy should be arrested and charged with violating the personal electronic device rule and for failure to comply with crew member instructions during an emergency. There was a slim margin between walking away unscathed and having his camera converted into a lethal projectile that could have killed another passenger. What if that plane had spun out when the wing hit the ground? Now this jerk is running around giving interviews as if he’s the hero of the story. I haven’t seen or heard anything about the pilots, their names or their mugs.


Arrested? That’s a bit extreme don’t you think? Fairly certain the cabin crew had a little more on their minds than a rogue camera-guy. I say kudos to the pilots for making a safe landing and to the crew for keeping everyone calm during the ordeal.


And he’s profiting from the video. I don’t think arresting him is extreme at all. Look at the Jet Blue flight attendant.


This is opening peoples eyes to the dirty operations of regional carriers. I should know i use to work for one. Infact i use to work for an airline that operates CRJ 700’s. Just a hair less aluminum than the 900. The airline got fined for not properly greasing the gears of the 700s because inorder to do so you had to jack the plan up. swing the gear up and pull a panel off to get to a zerk for the MLG follow up door. It will be interesting to see what comes of this.


What does profiting from a video have to do with being arrested? There are plenty of people out there taking video of police chases, etc., making a profit off their videos, and not being arrested. And the JetBlue attendant inflated a heavy slide that could have injured ramp workers and he also trespassed on airport property, that’s why he got arrested. I don’t see how a video and the JetBlue attendant are related.

On another note, is there an ongoing investigation into why the landing gear failed?


Oh yeah the FAA and NTSB are all over it.

Another disturbing note. These aircraft use hydraulic system 3 to cycle the gear. Even in emergency exension. It has two electric system 3 pumps. A and B. If these pumps fail you also have a wet RAT (Ram Air Turbine). Which means not only is it a air driven generator, its also a 3rd system 3 hydraulic pump. Note it is not deployed, it is located just aft of the nose cone on the right hand side of the aircraft. It is probably not part of the checklist but if i were trying to get the gear to come down i would want all the hydraulic pressure possible. I would put money on this bein determined as the bushing i was referring to was not being greased. I saw an article on other failures of CRJ gear but it was irrelevant because they referred to CRJ 200s which have a totally different gear. And i believe even different manufacturer entirely. RJ 7 and 9s being manufactured by liebherr and 100 and 200 series by messier dowty.
That could have varied depending on carrier im only going from my experience.

There are also periodic checks of the uplocks on the 7 and 9s. it is possible it was not ops checked after re-installation, or even could have failed.