US Airways plane catches fire on runway...


OK, since the wrothless POS turds at CNN can’t just show a picture or give a link to a brief update or anything. NOOOOO!!! It has to be on their stupid pipeline, this is all I know.


According to this article from The Bradenton Herald. Couldn’t find the video…

[quote=“Associated Press”]A U.S. Airways jet had a landing gear fire after arriving at Miami International Airport, officials said. No one was hurt, fire officials said.

The Boeing 737 had 94 passengers and six crew members on board, airport spokesman Marc Henderson said. The airline said 109 people were on board. The discrepancy couldn’t immediately be explained.

Airline spokesman Morgan Durrant said two of the plane’s tires blew out after landing and that a small fire ignited on one of them. Television crews showed the flames were extinguished on the plane, which was surrounded by white foam.

The escape slides were deployed from the plane’s exits, and the passengers and crew were evacuated, officials said.

The plane was made in 1989, according to Federal Aviation Administration records.


Its been a bad week for nervous flyers reading the news…


See the video here.


I think wfaa needs to work on their video feed…It keeps buffering and then it stops without playing a second. (Pretty sure it’s not on my end; the Jeep commercial comes through just fine. :wink:)


I saw it and it came through quite well. BTW: What they need to work on is more camera angles. :wink:


Maybe came in too fast or too heavy?


brake coulda locked up or froze up too = was raining in CLT . . .

can’t wait to see how blizter decides to get in on this one . . . .


O yes it shall be fun.


He’s been quite an amusment.


The pilots reported there was trouble with the landing gear and requested the longest runway.