Small plane making emergency landing live

Cessna with landing gear problems, circling Peachtree-DeKalb burning off fuel. Will be making gear up landing

Live on CNN and Fox website (Fox’s coverage seems to be better).

Two people on board, instructor and student.

Landed safely!

Please post links in future.

Here’s CNN link… I can’t find Fox.

edit: I think they just terminated coverage. I saw the plane sitting in the middle of the runway and the big dawgs taxiing by. Looks like a good landing.

Sorry Wazzu, normally I would post links but I, incorrectly, figured everyone knew where the CNN and Fox News websites were. Whenever they have a breaking story like this they always have a link on their homepage. If anyone missed this because of my error I appologize.

It is amazing to me that an airplane with a landing gear problem is actually newsworthy. It ranks only slightly higher than a car with a blowout IMO. No wonder so many people are fearful of flying in small planes. Our media makes every little small plane glitch appear like an epic event.

Still, it looks like he did an excellent job of protecting the prop from hitting the runway.


I’ve personally seen guys that are trying to “save the prop” land short of the runway.

Who cares about the prop. Who cares about the engine. Who cares about the airplane. The airplane is there for you not the other way around.

Yeppers, when my cylinder ate an exhaust valve about 10 minutes from destination and the plane is trying to shake itself apart, my thoughts were I am delivering the plane to the insurance company, just make the field. Well, not exactly my “primary thoughts” but hopefully you know what I mean :smiley:

Last thing in my mind was whether I was going to ding up anything OUTSIDE the plane, just “fly the plane”, 68 knot airspeed for best glide and work my emergency procedures and don’t come up short!


I have a buddy that had a gear malfunction in a Bonanza. It was a rental. Ops had him go out to a nice long airfield, where are Bonanza mechanic was based. Did a couple practice passes, plopped her right down. Engine was just about due for an overhaul and he got to keep the prop. No media, no fuss, had fixed and up flying in a couple weeks.