Lufthansa Cargo Heavy 240


Should be GEC240. I can hear him overhead somewhere checking in with ATC, but I cannot find him or ANY GEC aircraft on flightaware at the moment (7:33 p.m. on Easter). Ideas? Thanks, Jan/Iowa



Thank you for that, but I still get nothing for the flight yesterday (any part of it). Also, the flight 2-1/2 weeks ago shows no track for any part of the flight (typical of the surprising number of European flights that pass over here on their way to DFW-LAS-LAX-Mexico City and other destinations). Also, GEC fleet lookup showed no GEC flights at all. How did you find the missing “8”? Thanks, - Jan / eastern Iowa (looked all over for it on regional airport radar maps, figuring he was within 200 miles when I heard him, but no go there, either.)


I ‘Googled’ Lufthansa Cargo Flight Numbers’.

Although I see what you mean by ‘Not showing up’. It is listed, but nothing comes up on the map for any of their cargo flights???

My local airport Buttonville, yesterday, the flights in and out, were totally blank. I was thinking that’s weird, how can there be ‘NO’ flights???

So whatever changes were made to flightaware, are causing alot of blank screens, and/or missing information that was previously available???