Trying to track a flight for a polish registration a/c


An Global express took off out of downtown stl today. N611VT then should have landed somewhere on the coast, changed registration to SP-ZAK and should be on its way to Poland. I have tried both tail numbers in the flight tracker i and none have worked. Any suggestions?


As noted in a few other postings, foreign registered aircraft are blocked by the FAA unless the operator requests otherwise.

N611VT could be blocked by request of the operator or flown under a call sign. If you have the approximate time it left STL you may be able to find it by looking under the departures for STL.

I found a Global Express that departed CPS (St Louis Downtown Airport) today at 7:36 a.m. It used the call sign DHC12 (DHC is the code for De Havilland).



Photo of Global Express c/n 9219 SP-ZAK
landing at Warsaw June 25/08.


Hell yeah! Its such a beautiful paint job. And its cool to see something you worked on flying all over the world now. I had heard it was bough by a polish business which is kinda cool cause im polish!