European Flight Aware????

Does anyone know how I can track my European registered aircraft (G-LSMB) in real time while its flying in Europe? Thanks

You have a falcon?? Sweet!

If you’re predominately IFR you could try filing with EuroFPL (, heiyujr. You’ll only be able to track your own aircraft though, and the tracking resolution varies from 1-10 minutes depending on phase of flight and radar dissemination.

Great thanks

Great thanks

Do you know if there is a company that offers private flight tracking even with a cost? I’m willing to pay and it would be great to track my aircraft while staying at my home in Florida. Thanks again for any assistance.

Well EuroFPL is free to use. In terms of remote tracking though, the confirmation code that gets delivered with the filing ACK would have to be forwarded on to you by whoever is filing. Or you’ve have to be added each time as a notifications contact for automatic emails when the aircraft departs/arrives.

Another option, though commercial, would be ADS-B reliant AirNav Systems software.

Thanks Cathlamet. I think Air Nav systems will probably work fine. I will let you know and sincerely appreciate your assistance. M