New Airbus tracking...


Is the new airbus monster flying over the U.S. yet?


Emirates starts New York service on Aug. 1 with 2 per week (Wed. + Fri.). This is in addition to the existing two daily flights they already operate. Qantas says “late October” for Melbourne/LAX. Air France maybe later this year.


Cool! It should be easy to spot it flying overhead. Any flight numbers, or tail #'s yet to track them?


I don’t know them offhand, check the airlines websites for dates, times and numbers.


Checked, and Quantas starts the middle of October. Singapore, couldn’t find anything yet, but will keep looking. Thanks. :wink:


No they don’t because no airline named Quantas has ordered the A380. Qantas did, though.

Sorry - pet peeve of mine. The airline whose original name was Queensland and Northern Territory Aerial Services abbreviates their name to QANTAS and, more recently, to Qantas, according to an email I received from Qantas.


No, not because I am trying to get Dami to another big post number, but because I agree with him: ignoring the basics of names and the King’s English grammar is just painful to watch.

Or I could say “panfull TOO wach”.

Good correction.



Emirates’ A380 will now be flying on the Dubai - New York JFK route on Day 357 on EK201/202 in August.

In September, The A380 operates on Day 57, and increase to Daily from 01OCT08.

Update: it is also scheduled for a non-rev visit to SFO on August 4.