IAH spotting?

Will, Mark, anybody else in the Houston area:
Where are some good areas for aircraft spotting at KIAH.

Tentative plan is to spot and take photographs at KIAH in the morning before 10:00. Then I’ll head off to KHOU and see if anything good has been added to the museum there.

Anything good to be seen from the parking garages at KIAH?

Thanks in advance for any assistance.

Anything good to be seen from the parking garages at KIAH?


Parking garage A/B.

On the south end you see 15L/15R takeoffs, and you can kinda see 27 to your east… And then on the north side of the parking garage you see landings on 8L-26R & 8R-26L landings. (depending on the wind of course)

Then if you’re on I-59 you come in on Will Clayton Parkway, then you will see Lee Rd on your left, you pass it up and you have to do a U-turn and then turn on Lee Rd and go about 200 yards and there’s a little parking lot and before ya know it you will have airliners about 150 feet above your head.

I’ve been to IAH 3 times, garage A/B is the best place… Hope this helps!

Haha - what if it turns out that Will’s some middle aged man and has been messing with us all along? :laughing:


No… But I’ve never sad anything about my age on here. Y’all have just been guessing I’m about 15…??? :laughing:

Nah - somewhere near the beginning of your posts, you said something about being 14 I thought. Maybe I’m losing my memory in my old age though.

Yessir. You’re losing your memory… Close though…

Will, you should be honored, the first person dami asked was you.

My jaw dropped when I first read the thread… :open_mouth: :smiley:

Will lives near IAH so I figured he would have been there a few times spotting. I’m going to try the places he suggested.

If you go… Get there about 4:30PM. Then you will see all the 744’s and 777-300’s.

Usually there’s KLM661 and 662, sometimes 24. Very rare, but you might see China 5397… And they are all 747’s. Then most of the time there is SIA61 and then AFR639, and those are both 777-300ER’s. And then a ton of ERJ’s and 737’s, some 762’s and 764’s and several 772’s.

If you need better directions just ask, the easiest way is I-59 then Will Clayton bla bla bla, but I don’t really know how to get there from I-45. If you’re on the east side of H-town 59 is the easiest…

Unfortunately, I need to be at HOU in the early afternoon so my visit to IAH will be in the morning.

Crap… You’ll see some 764’s heading to PHNL - a couple 777-200’s heading to Newark and some to RJAA.

You might, just might, catch CPA71 heading to PANC, it’s a 747-400.

It’s very very rare but you might see AFR635 or 638 something like that arrive and then it leaves as AFR639, it’s a B77W. Most of the time the heavy aircraft land on 26L…

Unlike many younger people who seem to be impressed by the biggest birds, my interest in spotting covers everything. A Twin Otter is just as impressive as a B777.

During my youth, I remember spotting - in one day, no less, aircraft as varied as the Cessna 402, B707, B747, DC-9, DC-8, Twin Otter, and, the most beautiful jet, the B727. Airbus? Didn’t exist then.

Well… If you’re at IAH in the morning, you should get a butt load of ERJ’s, CRJ’s and 737’s… Sometimes a Saab 340…