Visiting FlightAware? (Long layover in Houston)

I’ve got a 9 hour layover at IAH tomorrow so my brother can go downtown and checkout Rice University and I was wondering if it’s possible to stop by the FlightAware offices (I see there is an endorsement badge for visiting the HOU office)?

As well, if anyone has any suggestions of what I should see, please let me know (I have been to Johnson Space Center before though)!


For sure!! The more the merrier! You have the 1940’s air terminal museum at Hobby airport. Not amazing, but still really nice. Best feature of all is often enough they’ll let you go up to the old tower, about 7 stories above everything else, and you can sit up there all day watching planes come in and land/take off. You have the Galleria if you want to see a huge mall, not sure if you’re into that sort of thing, but that’s about a rocks throw away from the FlightAware office.

That’s about it for Houston, not much of the touristy city. Near Rice you have the Rice (go figure) Village that has a bunch of small, neat shops.

Look forward to seeing you!

Cool, thanks very much!! I land at IAH around noon, so I’ll stop by FlightAware after lunch if that works. The museum at Hobby sounds great, I’ll definitely have to try and check it out.

Thanks again!

If you really feeling like traveling around and like aviation, you have the Lone Star Flight Museum on Galveston Island (I’ll let you google the distance). IIRC, their website is They have a really, really nice place and tons of warbirds. It’s a bit farther south along the coast, but it’s an indoor place with tons of old warbirds.

Funny…I was thinking of stopping by when Tulsa plays Rice in football this year. Would have stopped by after the Houston game, but I was too hungover from drowning my sorrows after the 70-30 beat down Cougar High put on Tulsa.