Best Layover- Must Do?


I was thinking about this the other day…

Anyone know of a listing or guide for activities that would be fun for a travelling pilot or crew?

I was in San Antonio recently and hit the Riverwalk, Alamo, and a good meal on a 3 hour stop. Wished I had some other advice for things I might be missing…

Maybe if we posted upcoming destinations other members could suggest where to go or not… eat or not…? Long stop vs short?

OR is this a stupid idea?


Considering the fact that very few of the forum members here are professional pilots the list is going to be quite short. Opening it up to $100 hamburger places is going to be tough because everyone here is so spread out.
From memory, me, you, CAFlier, azav8r, leardrvr still does some contract work I beleive, westwardair, G4Driver, YakDriver…Anyone else?


I don’t think all the responses would come from professional pilots, but from people who are currently living in the city or from someone who likes a city and could give recommendations.

I am not a professional pilot, but I do travel extensively and can give some pretty decent short-trip itineraries for selected cities, both domestic and international.


I have some favorite places to go/things to do while on the road…if someone has an upcoming destination that I frequent, I’d be happy to chime in with my $.02…


I have two recommendations for short layovers. Both are located on the general aviation sides of their airports.

The Western Aerospace Museum at OAK.

The 1940 Air Terminal Museum at HOU.


HOU has 5 FBOs, so you might be anywhere on the field. I’m sure you could get a ride over to the museum in the old tower though.


If & when you fly into Will Rogers Airport/KOKC in Oklahoma City - the Museum of Women Pilot’s/Ninety-Nines HQ is right by the airport:

And Doc Hisey (owner/pilot of Miss America P51/Mustang) hangars her now in his newly built museum on Wiley Post Airport/Field/KPWA - don’t know if he has a website up & running.

There are lots of nice restaurants in OKC by Will Rogers or Wiley Post Airports - if anyone is coming this way just email me & I’ll let you know some of the names of such.