Best Washington DC GA Airport

Was looking to see if anyone had some good advice as to the best GA airport to land at to “see the sights” in the DC area. I do not have the PIN #, so College Park, Potomac, and Washington Exec. are out at this time. Had entertained going to Dulles since the Air and Space is close by…but Landmark FBO wants $38 to park for a day trip. I’d be fine with the fee if that’s the best place to land. Freeway airport on the east side kind of seems like the best option at this time. Any input is appreciated, Thanks


Fly into KADW vfr. They’ll give you an airshow with F-16s and throw a parade for you on arrivall. They’ll even give you a place to stay and buy your dinner. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks Wazzu, I’m sure they will even give me some clean clothes. Do those stripes make me look fat? NEVER squak 1200 in the SFRA. There is also a NOTAM coming in a few days restricting airspeed out to 60NM, not that I have to worry about that in a 172. Anyone have any word about the benefits of going to KHEF…besides just being a less busy airport with lower ramp costs?