does anybody have any info about these flights into DCA?

being a slot controlled a/p, ive noticed lots of seemingly non-slotted activity. VIP traffic?

and this very frequent one from langley i believe:

honestly, i dont fully understand, and havent been able to get any succinct info. about slots and who can / cannot land and take off at slot controlled a/p. noting the above flights, slots would seem to apply to commercial traffic only?

thanks for any insight

All three of the aircraft above are leased aircraft.

N208NR appears to be a courier flight operating on behalf of the government.

N204CE has been to DCA only once in the past few months. It is possible to get a slot for a general aviation aircraft if you follow the TSA rules. … ccess.shtm

Camp Perry and Elizabeth are both military bases and Newport is also near the Norfolk navy base. My guess is that N470LH is operating flights for the Navy.

thanks… yeah i figured MIL. any thoughts on pax or cargo? that caravan is quite a regular appearance… to the point of almost being scheduled

didnt know about GA flights being able to grab a spot in line. im sensing some kind of loophole being exploited, although after reading that TSA site, for an aircraft/crew/pax to qualify, one must all but carry the highest of clearances!

however, if they are MIL, why arent they landing at AAFB? i.e. langley to andrews, not langley to reagan.


I could tell you, but then I’d have to erase your memory and your hard drive! :open_mouth:

That plane appears to go to many military installations. The Pentagon is just a hop, skip and a jump from DCA. CIA headquarters are also pretty close - about a 20 minute drive from DCA. I’ll leave the rest to your imagination…

roger that… im used to the caravan, but when i see or hear a falcon i start thinking “whats that all about?”

today was unusually unusual for weird DCA traffic.

eh… full moon

Remember that I’m only guessing they are military. I know there are several civilian government agencies that also operate scheduled shuttle flights, although the ones I’ve seen use King Airs.

apologies for all the single-tracked DCA banter… i live basically under the flight path for final and take notice if something seems unusual

No need to apologize.

You can get a waiver to go into DCA if your pax are connected extremely easily. No notice, no extra security. It’s a fairly common event, and coincidentally, the folks at Signature there are extremely nice, they get to know you by name after just a few times. They get pretty bored down there…

I took the photo of N470LH that appears on its tracking page just a couple of weeks ago. It is maintained in Manassas, VA, about 30 miles west of KDCA.

After I uploaded that photo I got a couple of random emails which hinted that that aircraft is used to move personnel between the DCA area and Camp Peary (a CIA training center), in southern VA. … he_Farm%22