biplane noseover at KDCA with airline reroutes

A biplane nosed over on landing at KDCA: … ional.html

but what I find interesting is the FA reroutes for all the airliners on final for runway 1 that got changed to I presume 33: … /KLGA/KDCA … /KDTW/KDCA … /KEWR/KDCA … /KBOS/KDCA

and then this guy who actually went to KIAD: … /KMIA/KDCA

and a few others (arrivals after 9:59AM local)

oops. Had to use a lot of brakes on that short runway I guess. :open_mouth:

I wonder if he had an approved, armed law enforcement officer onboard?

Funny how GA is a “threat” to the DC and can’t be allowed access without jumping through ridiculous hoops, but they let promotional events like this happen

From another thread that is now locked:

And I remember that fantastic story, Satine! 8)

This plane had a Washington Post writer on board? Nah…this won’t get any attention whatsoever… :unamused:

I ask again, where was the law enforcement officer that is supposed to be required for ALL flights into and out of DCA? Someone bypassed all of the policies that are supposed to be so damned important to keep DC safe, and it was for a movie promo?!?

Are you f*#king kidding me???

Good question - I’d like to know the answer too. It could be that since they were flying in formation, only one officer was required for the whole group and was aboard one of the other planes.