AA 868 Diverted--high winds

My co-worker just called and he was a passenger on AA868 from KMIA to KDCA tonight. After two landing attempts they diverted to KIAD. There is also a medical situation on board which may have hastened the diversion. Note the very end of the flight track.


The winds are howling here in the DC Metro area, I just had to put a chair in front of my dutch-door front door to keep it closed. Would suspect that KBWI–of which I am in the flight path of and not hearing many inbound flights–is having a bad evening too.

My co-worker just called me back. Apparently, after the second aborted landing, two passengers had severe panic attacks and temporarily stopped breathing. Thus the diversion to KIAD.

The plane stopped just off the tarmac, the medical situation attended to, and the rest of the passengers transported to the terminal on Dulles’s “Lunar Landing Modules” (people movers). Passengers have been told that charter buses have been called to take them to KDCA.

Doesn’t do my co-worker much good since the Washington Metrorail will be closed by the time he gets there, although he is glad to be safe.

Here’s the link for the specific flight mentioned.
flightaware.com/live/flight/AAL8 … /KMIA/KDCA

I’d like to see that!

28018G28KT PK WND 29041

You should be in the Northeast right about now! Seems like 35 kts. is a light wind these last couple of weeks. We landed a couple weeks ago with a 50 deg. x-wing, 38kts gusting to 54. Waaaahooo

Who is we? What we’re we flying?

Our problem right now is an abundance of fog and NO wind.

I wonder if either of the aborted attempts looked anything like THIS.
If so, I could imagine a few pax forgetting how to breathe.

“We” are me and the guy who was crying in the right seat. We were flying an airplane, 'cause a car just put up with those crosswind landings.

Steve Martin used to say he just flew in and it’s not easy landing a station wagon out at the airport. Good spin on the old ‘boy my arms are tired’.

I have seen this video and I find it fascinating, you see the plane get a positive rate of climb BEFORE you hear the sounds of the jet engines powering up.

Not sure if it’s video lag or sight travels faster then sound?


Sorry, couldn’t help myself. “We” were in a Kingair 350 and the airliners were waiting to see if we made it before they took off.