The Diversion Thread


Apparently this Cirrus was approaching their destination in South Carolina and then decided to divert back to Bowman Field in Kentucky. A long flight to go nowhere!

I am making this “The Diversions Thread”. Post any diversions of aircraft that you find here.


Another long flight in a Cirrus beginning and ending at the same destination occurred today, though it involved a different aircraft.

Be sure to read the activity history for September 16, 2008.


This isn’t a Cirrus, but the flight path is similar. I am going to re-name this thread momentarily.


I guess if you wanna actually reach your destination, you should avoid flying over Tennessee? :smiley:


ASQ4653 was diverted back to KATL today. … /KATL/KATL


If anyone’s bored later tonight, keep an eye on KSAN. A low, shallow marine layer trying to hang around, might see some circles & diversions later.


The same Knoxville resident Aztec diverted again, this time diverting to Birmingham (KBHM) while en route to Chattanooga (KCHA) from Knoxville (KTYS).


They’ve done it again! A three and a half hour flight including three diversions, with the plane going back to Mc Ghee Tyson without landing anywhere.


The following aircraft have diverted back to ATL over the past week.

Atlantic Southeast #4208

Atlantic Southeast #4430

Atlantic Southeast #4468

Atlantic Southeast #4402

And many more . . .


Any info as to why it diverted back to CLT


I was on this one…talking about going in circles. … /KSDF/KIAH



Wait…really an 18 minute flight??


Why doesn’t FlightAware offer a webpage with a list of the day’s diverts?


That might be a good idea. Try posting it in Feature Requests and Ideas.


Done :slight_smile:


N757SS (Dallas Stars team plane) just got diverted to KKDA, which is not an airport.

Now it shows that the destination is KDAL again. Care to shed some light? … /KLAX/KDAL

Did somebody at the FAA fat-finger their data and put 2 Ks before trying to type the DAL?


We’ve seen the same problem with KTEB, particularly for flights from Canada. Seems like someone is trying to put the four letter code in a field that’s only three characters long.


Yesterday QXE384, KSEA->CYYJ, returned to KSEA due to a mechanical issue. According to the QXE CSA’s at YYJ the aircraft involved operated the rescue flight, QXE900, to pick up the stranded passengers later in the afternoon. The two CSA’s I spoke to yesterday didn’t know what the inital problem was, but I’m trying to find out.


Thanks. Nice lop, btw.


Yesterday, Virgin Atlantic 6, Miami (MIA) to London-Heathrow (LHR) diverted to Wilmington, NC (ILM).

Apparently, crew members reported feeling heat comming from under the floor, so they decided to divert. There is an article on the incident here

It looks like the aircraft involved was G-VGAS