The Diversions Thread


There have been many posts lately regarding individual diversions of aircraft. My thought was it would be nice to consolidate it into one thread.
So… If you see a strange diversion, post the permanent link to the flight here. And if you have any information pertinent to a specific diversion, post it here as a reply.


OK, let’s make up our mind now, go on to ATL through the nasty weather (Sat evening 8/2/) or fiddle around north and west of CSG?

CSG is becoming more and more a place where diversions go when ATL is having poor weather. I see they got a 757 that evening, too. Must have been exciting for the folks who work there.

An hour-25, waiting on ATL to decide, and you can drive between these two cities in not much more time than that (SAV, MCN). Then when they finally got cleared to ATL from MCN, it was a 15-min flight.

(And they must have right above or right below this one:


Looks like WX in STL…

Back in the good old TW days, SPI looked like the North Terminal for STL on diversion days, I remember one fine day in which we had, 2 767, 4 MD80, 3 727, 4 DC-9, and 4 J31s, 4 J41s, 1 ATR 42, and 1 ATR 72, that does not include a UA 732, and an AA F100.
Those were the days, sucked to be the pax, but it was fun to be a ramper, especially when in normal ops we say 12 J31’s and 12 BE1s and 3 SF3s a day!!