Multiple diversions to airports around ATL tonight (7/22)


Yucky weather - wind, rain, lightning - in the 5pm-8pm period has resulted in numerous diversions to places like CSG, CHA, MCN, BHM, AGS.

BHM picked up a DL 777 from Pudong. Likewise, TYS got a DL 777 from Incheon. Bet they went wild over that! They were on the ground for very short periods of time.

Look at the wacky track of Air Tran’s flights into MCN! This one: spent time circling northeast Georgia. This PNS-ATL flight: went all over the place before putting down at CSG.

AGS got some 752s and 763s as well. Most unusual evening going into ATL.


Check the altitude on the latter, “Climb and maintain 99,990”!


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Sweet!!! Those are my kinda weather avoidance maneuvers. I’m a big believer in going way the h#ll around thunderstorms.


Avoidance or getting all the turbulence you can? … /KJFK/KBOS


And in only 32 minutes, at that!